Just a quick link to an article from Reuters about a California federal court’s decision to block commercial release of Monsanto’s GMO sugarbeets pending a more in-depth USDA environmental impact study.

I’d like to believe this is the beginning of something, but knowing the USDA  and the government’s friendliness toward Monsanto, I’d bet that this is merely a small bump on an otherwise smooth road to approval and release.

Who knew that beets were such a staple crop they were worth this kind of investment?


In a classic of Orwellian double-speak, Monsanto now claims to be leading the way in sustainable agriculture.

I’m not sure when the word “sustainable” became synonymous with producing more food from crops stacked with their own pesticide producing capabilities. But in an apparent effort to reframe what has been an already largely degraded term, that’s exactly what Monsanto has done.

Will they still call it sustainable if these new “smart” crops fail or are proven to cause the diseases some studies indicate they will cause? Maybe by sustainable, they mean reducing the world’s population through food-induced disease and death.

Orwell be damned.