Welcome to the Blue Grass Garden and Seed Exchange.

A revolutionary idea struck me a few years back: I could grow my own food. This might seem like a silly thing to say, especially if you’ve been gardening for a long time. Of course you can raise your own food. People have been doing it since the beginning of civilization.

But for those of us reared in suburbs and cities, for those who grew up thinking that grocery stores are where food comes from, the idea that we can grow our own is often a revelation. Once I bought my first packet of seeds and got my hands dirty digging the weeds from my first garden bed, I was hooked.

In the years since that fateful moment, I have learned a great deal about vegetable gardening, from the importance of saving seed, to insect controls, to the incomparable smell of a carrot just pulled from the soil. 

Raising vegetables is a series of successes, failures, and opportunities to learn hard lessons again and again. The failures sting because you won’t get the chance to correct them for another year. The successes, well, what tastes better than a freshly picked tomato?

I created this blog to inform, to inspire, and to connect other gardeners and farmers in Kentucky. Whether you’ve been growing vegetables for 20 years or are only just beginning, I hope you will find information here that makes you think and leads you to be more passionately connected to your own garden. I also hope that you will share your experiences, knowledge, and ideas.

I know of no other activity that will provide you a better connection to the place you live than vegetable gardening. What you will learn in one growing season will forever change your relationship with the place you call home.


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