The story on Monsanto and Dow’s new SmartStax corn continues to draw scrutiny, this time from concerned parties in Canada, which joined the U.S. in approving the GM seed this week. At issue in Canada are concerns that a thorough enough environmental impact study was not conducted before approval.

In related news, Dissident Voice, an online peace and social justice newsletter, posted an interesting analysis of Monsanto’s role in overhauling India’s intellectual property rights laws. As you may know, Monsanto has patents on the seed it produces. If you are a farmer and you raise crops and save seed purchased from Monsanto, they will take you to court and sue the living bejesus out of you. This article focuses on the relationship between India and its potential market for GM crops and Monsanto’s expansion of its research and development efforts.

Whether due to the recession, a nostalgia for simpler times, or simply a return to common sense, the recent surge in interest in vegetable gardening is encouraging. Part of this story in Lexington has been the emergence of several community garden projects. Organizations such as Sustain Lex and Seedleafare doing a wonderful job of encouraging people to garden while providing them the resources and skills to be successful. On July 30, Jim Embree, director of Sustain Lex, has organized the 3rd annual Lexington Community Garden Tour. Details and a nice write up from the Herald are here.

Finally, this evening in Berea, Sustainable Berea is hosting its 3rd annual 100-Mile Potluck. Participants are asked to bring a dish made from ingredients found within 100 miles of Berea. They are also asked to share the recipe. This year’s potluck will feature a live auction. Items up for bid include more than 40 rain barrels, workshops on seed saving, and unique opportunities sponsored through local Berea businesses. The event runs from 5:30-7:30 and is being held at the Berea Community School.