striped roman close #1The Striped Roman is a colorful, sausage-type tomato. Inside, the flesh is thick and meaty, and compared to a slicing tomato, the Striped Roman is “dry,” the flesh almost like a paste. It’s the perfect tomato for making a thick enchilada or marinara sauce.

striped roman far #3The plants seem wispy, their branches daintier than other varieties. They seem almost fragile. However, by mid-June, when the summer’s heat is constant, these plants explode, quickly branching out and smothering anything in their vicinity.

Immature tomatoes are green and white striped. As they ripen, the skin turns a fiery combination of red, orange, and yellow. The Striped Roman is one of the most competitive plants I’ve seen in the garden.

If you’re interested in a tomato that is functional and pretty, consider saving a space in your garden for the Striped Roman.